FAZZALI by Azza Fadel is known for its unique idea of only using black and white colors. The designers’ inspiration for creating a black and white line comes from these colors’ ability to compliment different colors, fabrics, and styles.

The Black and White female clothing line, makes FAZZALI a focused brand, using exclusive fabric that is 92% Cotton 8% Lycra and is designed specifically for our brand.

Azza Fadel’s brand, FAZZALI, reflects more than just her vision to create elegant clothing for women. FAZZALI has been very successful in different markets all over the world “Egypt – Kuwait – USA – Russia – Jordan – KSA – UAE – Qatar – Bahrain – UK “

We are looking to conquer the world and to expand all over the world and to take part in all the huge departments to cover all the required essentials for women.

Diversity is the core of FAZZALI approach to touch all women fashionable tastes and to  suit all the age difference. FAZZALI’s aim to  create an emotional connection and maintain customer satisfaction around the world through our inspiring products.


Azza Fadel is a well-established Egyptian designer in the Arab world and rapidly rising around the world. She always viewed life as a mixture of colors and beauty. Azza has always had a creative entrepreneurial spirit, her journey started at the age of 14 when she started designing and building home accessories, paving the way for her latest unique Black and White clothing line. In 2004, Fadel created an Abaya line for women which soon after proved popular amongst customers all over the Arab world. In an attempt to tackle the rising unemployment in Cairo, Fadel launched a project for local housewives for manufacturing handmade leather home accessories. In 2012, Fadel established FAZZALI, a line inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the most basic colors, black and white

Azza Fadel