Our Story

FAZZALI is a women fashion brand created in 2012 by an ambitious designer, Azza Fadel.
FAZZALI is a unique concept brand that is rooted in the elegance and versatility of monochromatic black and white shades. The brand features statement pieces with exquisite cuts creating effortless, elegant, chic styles. The only limit on what we can do is our imagination.

Where We Come From

FAZZALI was first introduced to the Egyptian market in 2012. In 2013 the brand expanded to Kuwait and Bahrain. In 2014 we expanded even further and added our footprints in The United Arab Emirates, The United States, The United Kingdom and Russia. In a span of one year we have expanded to many more rejoins with multiple locations in each country. In 2018 we launched in 4 countries of the Gulf Area and Egypt at Debenhams Stores.

A Designer’s Dream

Azza Fadel’s vision for the FAZZALI label always reflected more than just elegant clothing for women. Her aspiration came from creating a comfortable top of the line label, focused on attending to women’s need for effortless styling while still maintaining an empowering flair giving them the confidence they deserve.